Hydroponic Mushrooms: [How To Guide]

Growing mushrooms is a good choice since they can be utilized for a variety of purposes. Nevertheless, you’ll need to grow them and that is not going to be easy. Depending on what you’re working with, you may want to grow the mushrooms in hydroponics since that sometimes works easier.

Within this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn all about growing mushrooms in hydroponics.

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It is possible to grow mushrooms hydroponically. While they do not feature roots, they’ll still be able to survive in a soil-less hydroponic setup. Furthermore, they’re going to mature and produce quicker than other hydroponic crops.

Mushrooms are fungus and you can grow them without needing to purchase expensive grow lights. Since they do not contain chlorophyll, they are not going to use photosynthesis to create sugars or to fruit.

Instead, the fungus will feed on organic matter and can thrive with little light. Moderate light can cause the fungus to transform or bloom into a mushroom. When growing mushrooms in hydroponics, you will be growing fungi and not plants. This is a good choice because hydroponically grown mushrooms tend to be superior in quality than the alternatives.

Furthermore, mushrooms offer various benefits since they’re an excellent source of Vitamins B, C, and D. Plus, they contain numerous minerals carbs, and protein. Some mushrooms will provide the consumer with polysaccharides which can help boost the immune system.

Hydroponics Importance

Growing a plant hydroponically is an excellent way to find out more about its needs. When using this method, you’ll be able to gauge the amount of nutrients the plant needs. This is why hydroponics is one of the best methods of crop production.

Also, it should be noted that hydroponics can be used in environments where soil is not accessible. This includes ships, in deserts, and Arctic locations.

Hydroponics can be used in large-scale operations to grow flowers and vegetables. While the yield will be the same growing hydroponically offers numerous benefits including saving time.

Why Grow Mushrooms

There are numerous reasons to grow mushrooms. You’ll find that edible mushrooms can provide you with lots of high-quality proteins. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals too.

Mushrooms will contain 20 to 33% proteins as well as Vitamin C, B, potassium, sodium, and other minerals. They can be used medicinally as well. Mushroom extracts can be used to produce an antagonistic effect on certain types of tumors.

Using useless byproducts is a good way to produce mushrooms that can later be consumed by humans. By growing mushrooms in this manner, you will be able to reduce pollution. The export potential of mushrooms is very high. They can grow with little sunlight and they do not need fertile land.

People of all genders and backgrounds can be involved in this hobby. Today, women play an important role in the growth and cultivation of mushrooms.

Two Methods

Ultimately, there are two methods of growing mushrooms in hydroponics. You can populate a growing medium with spores or you can pre-populate “cake”. If you’re looking for the easiest and quickest way to grow hydroponic mushrooms, you should start by purchasing a mushroom kit.

You’ll receive a block that contains mushroom spores. Then, you’ll want to put the block in water and let it soak for a few hours in a dark location. The temperature should stay between 60 and 75-degrees.

Before you know it, the spores will transform into fungus and you’ll be able to grow mushrooms. To grow the mushrooms quicker, you should always give them cold water.

You can try growing mushrooms from scratch as well. To do that, you’ll want to grow mycelium which is the branching roots that help fungi grow.

You can obtain this by cutting a mushroom into smaller pieces. Alternatively, you can buy a culture or seeds. It generally takes a few weeks for fungus to develop and you can start seeing mushrooms.

Your Setup

To effectively grow mushrooms in hydroponics, you need a good setup. It is best to use a tub or tank that is filled with growing media. You’ll also need an air pump and air stone to help provide the mushroom with sufficient oxygen.

While not necessary, you may want to buy a water heater, light, and humidity gauge. These items will increase the cost of your operation but they’ll help ensure that everything works well in the end.

The air stone should be placed at the bottom of the tank before being covered with media and submerged in water. You’ll place the inoculated vermiculite cakes on top and pump air through the stone to add oxygen to the water. Remember that you have to keep the water warm so it is a good idea to use a heater.

Which Mushrooms Can Be Grown Hydroponically

Various mushrooms can be grown hydroponically. This includes lion’s mane, button, shiitake, cinnamon cape, oyster, and others.

What Temperates Are Needed To Grow Mushrooms in Hydroponics

To grow hydroponic mushrooms, it is pertinent to maintain the correct temperatures. During the germination stage, you should keep the water 75 to 80-degrees.

During the mushroom’s growth, you’ll want to keep the water between 80 and 85-degrees. If the water temperature isn’t correct, you may still be able to grow mushrooms but the quality may be lowered.

Nutrients For Growing Mushrooms Hydroponically

When mushrooms need nutrients, they’ll synthesize them from organic material. Mushrooms want specific nutrients including sugar, lignin, fats, protein, nitrogen, and starch. When growing button mushrooms, you should give them compost consisting of straw and manure.

However, the requirements depend on the type of mushroom you’re growing. For shiitake mushrooms, you’ll want to give the mushrooms nutrients from wood belonging to logs or sawdust.

An Easy Method For Growing Hydroponic Mushrooms

It does not take a genius or experience to grow mushrooms in hydroponics. However, it does require patience, time, and a few supplies. It is best to start with a hydroponics growing kit, which includes one or more blocks or “compressed” sawdust.

Some growing kits will also include a thermometer, propagator, LED grow lights, and indoor grow tent. Decide which route you want to take, so you know which mushroom grow kit will best suit your needs.

It is crucial to create an environment with an ambient temperature of about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also recommended to utilize cold non-chlorinated or purified water instead of water out of the tap.

Hydroponics Mushroom Harvesting

Harvesting mushrooms in hydroponics is really not that difficult. But, if you plan on repeating the process, there are a few things you should know in advance. First, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by saving the sawdust block for future use.

It is recommended to not keep the sawdust block for much longer than a week. This is the ideal time to start a new batch of mushrooms in hydroponics.

Harvesting mushrooms is not a difficult process. But, you must treat the mushrooms with care to avoid any potential damage. Prepare a clean, flat surface before removing the mushroom caps.

You can utilize a tabletop or any surface as long as it is flat. Do not allow the harvested mushrooms to make direct contact with the tabletop.

To ensure an easy, smooth process, it is recommended to utilize roll butcher paper. Spread a single layer of butcher paper on top of the table. This will provide a clean surface for your newly harvested mushrooms.

Growing Mushrooms At Home Without A Hydroponics Kit

A hydroponics kit is an easy way to obtain all the needed supplies without purchasing them separately. While the kit is the best option if you are starting from scratch, people who have some of the supplies on hand should take the other route.

A hydroponics kit is not necessary as long as you have the necessities in advance. Depending on your goal, it may be in your best interest to skip the hydroponics.

With this said, there is a broad range of hydroponics kits on the market. Each kit is unique but generally contain many of the same items.

The price of a hydroponics kit will depend on the number of pieces, size, and quality. Some hydroponics kits are designed for larger growth while others are more suitable for only a few small plants.

If you opt to grow the mushrooms without a kit, you will need to prepare the mycelium in advance. It can take anywhere between four to six weeks for the mycelium to grow strong enough to handle a mushroom reproduction cycle.

To create mycelium from a few mushroom seeds or culture, a Petri dish is required. If you do not have any mushroom seeds or culture on hand, you can utilize a mushroom instead.

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