3 Types Of Red Mushrooms In Alabama

Mushrooms are a type of fungi that come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. They grow in the wild and can also be cultivated. While some mushrooms are edible, others are poisonous.

Red mushrooms are common types of mushrooms found in Alabama. There are three main types of red mushrooms that grow in this state.

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Red Mushrooms In Alabama

Russula emetica, also known as the sickener, emetic russula, or vomiting russula, is a poisonous red mushroom that grows in Alabama. This mushroom is one of the most poisonous mushrooms in North America and can cause serious illness or death if consumed.

The best way to avoid this mushroom is to learn to identify it and to avoid picking or consuming any red mushrooms that you find in the wild.

2. Candy Apple Bolete

Red Mushrooms In Alabama

If you’re lucky enough to find a Candy Apple Bolete in Alabama, consider yourself lucky – they’re quite rare! This red mushroom gets its name from its sour taste, which some say is reminiscent of a candy apple. While they’re edible, they’re not exactly the tastiest mushrooms out there.

If you do come across one of these mushrooms, be sure to cook it before eating. Candy Apple Boletes can cause stomach upset if eaten raw, so it’s best to err on the side of caution.

When cooked, they can make a great addition to soups or stews. So next time you’re out mushroom hunting, keep your eyes peeled for this rare and Sour treat!

3. Beefsteak Fungus

Red Mushrooms In Alabama

The beefsteak fungus is a red mushroom that grows on trees. This type of fungus is found in Alabama and can be eaten raw. The beefsteak fungus is a delicious addition to any meal, but it’s important to know that it eaten raw or cooked.

If you’re looking for a unique and tasty way to add some flavor to your food, the beefsteak fungus is a great option. This type of mushroom has a slightly sweet taste and is perfect for adding some extra depth of flavor to soups, stews, and sauces.

Just remember that it’s important to cook the beefsteak fungus before eating it, as consuming it raw can lead to some serious health problems.


Red mushrooms are a type of fungi that are often found in humid climates, such as Alabama. There are three main types of red mushrooms that are commonly found in the state, the sickener, the candy apple bolete, and the beefsteak fungus.

Each type of mushroom has its own unique appearance and set of characteristics.